Administrative Guideline - 4114 Foreign and Foreign-Exchange Students

REVISED 10/6/17

A limited number of high school exchange students shall be accepted annually through Rotary Club of Carmel and Seikyo Gakuen School in Japan, following approval of the Building Principal and the Superintendent of Schools.

Said students must adhere to all committee regulations, and all school regulations, and all students must reside in housing of sponsoring family, as formally approved by school officials.

Foreign-exchange students shall be considered members of the senior class and be considered resident students for the period they remain with the approved family as is legally residing in Clay Township. Foreign-exchange students do not receive a diploma from Carmel High School.

The Corporation shall not be paid any private transfer tuition for approved foreign students. The Corporation shall include each foreign-exchange student in computation of average daily attendance for purposes of determining the amount of aid to be received by the State of Indiana.