Policy - 3120 Employment of Support Staff

The School Board recognizes that it is vital to the successful operation of the Corporation that positions created by the Board be filled with qualified and competent staff.

The Superintendent shall approve the employment, and also, when not covered by the terms of a negotiated agreement, establish the terms of employment for each support staff member employed by this Corporation.

Individuals employed in the following categories shall be considered members of the support staff:

A. Transportation

B. food services

C. custodial/maintenance

D. nurses

E. secretarial/clerical

F. instructional aides

G. couriers

H. bookstore

I. security

J. technicians

K. other support staff

All applications for employment shall be referred to the Office of Human Resources.

Any support staff member's intentional misstatement of fact material to qualifications for employment or the determination of salary shall be considered by this Board to constitute grounds for dismissal.

When appropriate, no candidate for employment as a support staff member shall receive recommendation for such employment without having proffered visual evidence of his/her certification or pending application for certification.

Each support staff member, during the course of his/her employment with the School Corporation, must report his/her arrest and/or conviction of criminal charges as listed in I.C. 20-26-5-11(b) to the Superintendent within two (2) business days of the occurrence. The Superintendent shall obtain a review of each reported conviction and shall take appropriate action considering the risk to members of the school community presented by the continued participation and access of the arrested or convicted support staff member.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines for the recruitment and selection of all support staff.

I.C. 20-26-5-4, 20-26-5-11, 35-44-1-3, 36-8-12-10.5

20 U.S.C. 6319 & 7801

Reviewed 10/15/15
Revised 9/24/07