Administrative Guideline - 3120 Recruitment and Selection

The Human Resources Office shall recommend to the Superintendent qualified candidates and the specific positions in which they shall serve.

All formal applications shall originate with the Human Resources office and said office shall be responsible for the arrangement of personal interviews and appropriate action.

Actual or anticipated support vacancies shall be reported to the Human Resources office and said office shall adhere to the following guidelines to assure employment of qualified employees.


A.      All employees shall be encouraged to continue to identify worthy candidates and shall urge such candidates to follow the established application procedures.

B.      Each candidate shall be required to file formal application, and an active file of all potential employees shall be maintained.

C.      All applications shall be retained for a period of twelve (12) months following initial receipt.


Persons applying to the Corporation for a support position shall complete an official application form prior to receiving active consideration for any available position.

A.      Applications shall be distributed to all persons requesting same.

B.      Specific information recorded on applications and subject to review shall include:

  1. education and training;
  2. experience records;
  3. references.

C.      Applications shall become inactive one (1) year following initial receipt unless an official request for renewal has been filed with the personnel department.


A.      Processing of applications shall be the responsibility of the Human Resources office, and the office shall conduct the initial response and interview.

B.      The Human Resources office shall arrange for interviews as may be required with supervisory personnel.


A.      The personnel department shall be responsible for the completion of necessary employment records.

B.      All new employees shall be directed to report to designated supervisors following completion of the induction process.