Administrative Guideline - 2231a Staff Participation in Political Activities

A staff member shall be free to act as s/he desires in the discharge of his/her political responsibilities, unless it can be shown that his/her behavior is affecting his/her professional performance in a deleterious manner or is in violation of Board policies and/or Corporation guidelines.

The political activity of a staff member must not compromise his/her professional integrity. S/He must not misuse his/her school position to pervert the academic process in the interests of his/her own political ambitions or those of a political group.

A.      Professional staff members engaging in political activity shall make it clear that they are speaking and acting as individuals and that they do not represent the Corporation or the views of the Board;

B.      Professional staff members shall not engage in political activity on Corporation premises during school hours. Guidelines for the use of school buildings or grounds are the same for staff members as they are for other citizens of the Corporation;

C.      A staff member seeking an extended leave of absence for campaigning, holding office, or other time-consuming responsibilities connected with government, shall apply in writing for such leave.