Administrative Guideline - 2220b Evaluation of Administrators

Evaluations of all administrators shall be made at regular intervals through an evaluation instrument prepared by the Superintendent and approved by the Board of Education. The purposes of this evaluation shall be:

A.      to provide the person being evaluated a better understanding of the specific duties and responsibilities of the position;

B.      to encourage more effective utilization of the skills and abilities of the administrative staff;

C.      to establish goals for improving current performance;

D.      to guide decisions related to:

  1. continued employment (including tenure);
  2. assignment;
  3. promotion.

The evaluation shall be based upon factors which relate to the administrator's effectiveness and shall be carried out in cooperation with the person being evaluated.

The evaluation shall be made by the immediate superior of the administrator or other person or persons as may be so designated by the Superintendent.

A formal written evaluation shall be made annually and a copy given to the evaluee.