Policy - 0215 Smoke/Tobacco Free Environment

Last Revised on February 28, 2012

The School Board is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for students, staff, and citizens. The Board supports the provisions of the Indiana Clean Indoor Air Law effective on September 1, 1987 and as such remains committed to reducing involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke among students and staff. The Board believes that it is the right of the non-smoker to breathe clean air. The Board believes that the use of tobacco products in a school building denies students, staff, and visitor’s access to clean air, introduces a substantial health hazard to those persons, and interferes with learning and teaching.

Therefore it is the intent of the Board to establish a "tobacco free" school environment. Appropriately the Board shall prohibit the use of all tobacco products by staff in school buildings, in school owned vehicles and anywhere on school grounds, or when participating in any school related event.  School grounds are defined as property owned or leased by the School Corporation.


The Board also believes education has a central role in establishing patterns of behavior related to good health and shall take measures to help students and staff to resist tobacco use. Moreover, the Board recognizes and supports the positive impact and the importance of adult role-modeling for students during their formative years in a tobacco-free environment.

For purposes of this policy, “use of tobacco” shall mean all uses of tobacco, including a cigar, cigarette, pipe, snuff, or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco, as well as electronic, “vapor,” or other substitute forms of cigarettes.

I.C. 16-41-37
20 U.S.C. 6081 et seq.
U.S.D.O.E. Memorandum, 1995

Adopted 8/92
Revised 5/23/05