Administrative Guideline - 2211 Responsibilities and Duties Guideline

Teachers shall work as directed by the principal to carry out policies and rules which will provide educational conditions under which both student and teacher may work advantageously.

The teacher shall make such classroom rules as are necessary for proper class management, and as are in accordance with Corporation policy and building rules. Specific responsibilities of the teacher shall include the following:

A.      Physical Classroom Conditions

     1. Maintain classroom in accordance with the best practices of physical and mental hygiene, seeking a challenging and pleasant environment.

     2. Periodically appraise educational classroom conditions and make suggestions for improvement.

B.      Teacher-Student

     1. Be sincerely concerned with student welfare. Guide the student toward maturity while preparing him/her to be a responsible member of society.

     2. Instruct, as well as personally capable, all students as may be assigned to the class.

     3. Follow an approved course of study, striving to achieve the desired goals.

     4. Provide individual student assistance, when possible, where such needs are so indicated.

     5. Provide a proper atmosphere for study by maintaining order and discipline while enforcing all general rules of student control.

     6. Evaluate the abilities and performance of each student.

     7. Each professional staff member should:

          a) never leave students unattended;

          b) never leave an unqualified person in charge of students;

          c) accompany students wherever they are assigned and remain with them until supervision is assumed by another responsible person;

          d) ensure students do not use non-corporation-owned and/or maintained equipment or other equipment which may be potentially dangerous or use facilities or equipment except for the intended purpose;

          e) organize classroom materials and equipment so as to minimize danger of injury to students and to self.

     8. Each professional staff member is to enforce the following rules established for student activity in high risk areas:

          a) Students should not work in an Industrial Technology area, Family Consumer Science area, or Science laboratory at other than the regularly scheduled period, and then only under qualified supervision and in accordance with the prescribed safety procedures;

          b) Students not enrolled in Industrial Technology classes or Science laboratory classes, do not use power tools or other dangerous equipment.

     9. With the ever-increasing demand for the use of gyms and other such facilities, it is imperative that the professional staff ensure the safety of Corporation students.

          a) If permission is granted for a student or group of students to use a facility, a professional staff member must be present in the facility throughout the time it is in use.

          b) Under no circumstances are students to be left in charge.

          c) If for any reason an area is unlocked for anyone, the professional staff member is responsible for ensuring the area is locked up after its use.

          d) Under no circumstances are custodians authorized to open a facility for unsupervised students to use.

     10. Each professional staff member must immediately report to the principal any accident or a safety hazard s/he detects and any accident one (1) or more of his/her students experience. 


      1. Confer privately with parents and students when such conferences are deemed necessary. Cooperate with parents in their concern for the student's development, and seek solutions which are in the student's interest and relative to student progress and adjustment.

      2. Prepare periodic reports for parents concerning student attendance, accomplishment, and citizenship.

D.      Teacher-Staff

     1. Report to appropriate administrative personnel all incidents, and/or conditions that are or may be detrimental to student welfare.

     2. Maintain a constructive and cordial attitude while extending the recognition due a fellow professional.

     3. Cooperate with fellow staff members.

E.       Personal

     1. Conduct oneself in a manner appropriate to a teacher as an individual of respect and leadership in the community.

     2. Grow in personal efficiency.

     3. Attend all meetings called by the Superintendent, Principal, and Supervisor.

     4. Whenever possible, attend PTO meetings and extra-curricular activities.

     5. Participate in Corporation in-service training activities, and maintain an active personal professional development program.

F.       Records

Maintain such records, e.g. attendance, grades, accomplishments, and citizenship, as may be required on a current status.