Administrative Guideline - 2135 Promotions

Opportunities for staff members desiring advancement shall be offered periodically by the personnel department. Guidelines for use in the program shall include:

A.      Areas of Possible Promotion: Examples of general areas of promotion which may be available at varied intervals include:

elementary administration and supervision;
secondary administration and supervision;
curriculum development;
personnel services;
instructional media services;
other leadership positions.

B.      Promotion Pre-Requisites: The candidate must have three (3) full years of public teaching experience, and shall hold an appropriate license for the area vacancy.

C.      Application: All applications shall be submitted directly to the personnel office on the officially approved forms.

D.      Screening: Qualified applicants wishing to participate shall:

submit credentials and recommendations to the personnel department when so requested;
be interviewed by persons appointed by the Superintendent.

E.       Other Considerations: The following items should be considered by any candidate wishing to apply for promotion:

Participation in screening procedures shall in no way guarantee promotion.

Individuals may be considered for appointment even though they may not have participated in the screening program.

Individuals may take part in promotion screening procedures whenever a vacancy so exists.