Administrative Guideline - 2120.06a Student Teachers

Student teachers shall be assigned by the Director of Human Resources in conjunction with the various college offices. An effort shall be made to see that the student teaching staff is a true representation of many varied colleges and universities.

No student teacher shall be assigned in the Corporation for more than one (1) semester, and no regular academic teacher shall have more than one (1) student teacher assigned to his/her class per calendar year.

Student teachers shall be assigned to a specific building and cooperating teacher only after mutual agreement with both the teacher and the principal.

Purchase of textbooks, as needed in specific curriculum areas, shall be the direct responsibility of the student teacher so assigned.

Student teachers shall never be used as substitute teachers. When it is necessary for a supervising teacher to be out of the building, the principal, or a teacher assigned by him/her, will be in direct charge of the classroom in which the student teacher is placed and the appointed teacher will be directly responsible for both the classroom and the student teacher.