Policy - 5510 Adoption of Curricular Materials

Last Revised on September 23, 2013

The Carmel Clay School Board shall approve the adoption of curricular materials used as part of the educational program of this corporation. As per I.C. 20-18-2-2.7, curricular materials, for purposes of this policy, shall mean systematically organized materials, designed to provide a specific level of instruction in a subject matter category, including:

a.     books;

b.     hardware that will be consumed, accessed, or used by a single student during a semester or school year;

c.     computer software; and

d.     digital content.

The Board shall make approved curricular materials available for rental or purchase by each student enrolled in Carmel Clay Schools. The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines for the selection of curricular materials that include effective consultation with an Advisory Committee of parents and professional staff members at all appropriate levels. These guidelines will follow Indiana Code 20-26-12-24 Local curricular material selection.

Revised 6/28/04