Policy - 5421 Career and Technical Education Program

The School Board recognizes that not all students wish to stay involved in formal education beyond high school and must, therefore, be prepared to enter the labor force as productive workers.

For purposes of this policy, "career and technical education" shall be defined as a program designed to provide educational experiences and guidance for students to plan and prepare for a future:

A.      in the labor market as employable individuals immediately after graduation with productive, saleable skills;

B.      in education beyond high school with the opportunity to gain a marketable job skill(s) that will assist them in achieving career goals;

C.      in the world of work while continuing their education in order to help offset higher education expenses.

In addition to career and technical education classes required by law, the Board shall provide in cooperation with J. Everett Light Area Vocational Center a vocational and technical education program.

The career and technical education program may also include a work-study program involving the employment of qualified students.

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REVIEWED 6/25/14