Administrative Guideline - 5412 Home-Bound Instruction Services


Should a student be incapacitated by accident or health problems and be unable to attend his/her assigned class(es), administrators will follow the guidelines listed below to institute a home-bound program.


The administrator shall have a written statement from a licensed physician stating the cause of the student's absence and the fact that such absences will be at least:

A.      twenty (20) consecutive school days of home-bound care;

B.      an aggregate of twenty (20) school days of hospital care;

C.      any number of days of home-bound or hospital care necessary to complete the school year.

Any home-bound teacher assigned to a student must hold a teaching license for the appropriate grade level of the student, i.e., elementary license for elementary student; secondary license for secondary student; and a special education teacher licensed for the specific disability of the student. (Example: a secondary license would be good for any subject area in the secondary level.)

The number of home-bound students assigned to any one (1) home-bound teacher shall not exceed five (5) at any given time.

Approval for home-bound instruction shall be limited to one (1) hour per day for five (5) days a week for elementary students. Approval for home-bound instructions at junior and senior high school levels is limited to one (1) hour per day for five (5) days per week for each solid subject in which a student may be enrolled.


Once a parent notifies the principal of the absences or pending absence of a student, the principal or his/her designee must inform the parent of the need for a physician's statement. The principal or his/her designee, shall specify that this/her statement will indicate the cause, as well as the length of absence from school, and any other specific limitations that should be considered in lesson assignments for the student.


The principal or his/her designee, with the assistance of parents and teachers regularly assigned to the student, shall assess academic needs of the student and determine the most feasible instructional program in view of any health limitations.

The completed application is submitted to the Director of Special Education for approval.

The Director of Special Education, principal, or his/her designee shall locate a qualified and willing home-bound instructor staying within the guidelines.

In turn, the home-bound teacher is to submit payroll forms each week to the building principal or his designee. These forms, along with the substitute payroll slip, are to be initialed and submitted to the payroll division of the central office. Other items to be provided central office officials are the following:

A.      name of student and name of parent

B.      name of home-bound teacher

C.      the official physician's statement

D.      number of hours per week the home-bound teacher shall work per student. (Secondary shall indicate which subject areas the home-bound teacher has selected to work and the total proposed hours for each student.)

Filing of forms after all information and forms arrive at the appropriate central office desk shall be as follows:

A.      Central office official will check and obtain the home-bound teacher's certificate number and complete both Sections A & B.

B.      Upon completion of forms by central office personnel, copies are to be sent to the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction who will finalize approval of signatures with the Director of Special Education. (According to Rule S-1, all home-bound forms must be signed by the Director of Special Education.)