Policy - 5411 Guidance and Counseling

Last Revised on June 23, 2014

The Carmel Clay School Board requires that a planned program of guidance and counseling be an integral part of the educational program of the Corporation. Such a program should:

A.  assist students in achieving educational goals;

B.  enable students to draw benefit from the offerings of the instructional program of the  schools;

C.  aid students in identifying options and making choices in vocational and academic course areas;

D.  assist students in career awareness and planning;

E.  help integrate all the student's experience so that s/he can better relate school activity to life outside the school;

F.   help students learn to make their own decisions and solve problems independently;

G.  assist students and families with personal issues that are affecting the students’ performance in school.

A program of guidance and/or counseling shall be offered to all students and shall include the services of professional student services personnel and other designated faculty and staff members.

I.C 20-30-4-6
511 IAC 4-1-5
REVISED 06/23/14