Discontinued Policies and Guidelines

6320b1 Preparing Requisitions
6320c1 Bidding
6320c2 Instructions to Bidders
6450 Local Purchasing
6460 Vendor Relations
6470 Payment of Claims
6510 Payroll Authorization/Procedures
6510a Time Sheets
6510b Payroll Authorization
6510c Checks and Deductions (Professional Staff)
6510d Checks and Deductions (Support Staff)
6520 Payroll Deductions
6520a Automatic Deposit
6610 Extra-Curricular Funds
6610a Student Activity Funds
6650 Special Education Pre-School Fund
6680 Recognition
6800 System of Accounting
7240 Site Acquisition
7300 Disposition of Real Property
7310 Disposition of Surplus Property
7410 Maintenance
7420 Hygienic Management
7430 Safety in School
7430 Safety Standards
7460 Energy Conservation
7530 Use of Corporation Computers
7550 Joint Use of Facilities
8220 School Day
8220a Minimum School Day