Discontinued Policies and Guidelines

5420b Reporting Student Progress
5421 Grading Policy
5430 Class Rank
5451 Student Recognition Policy
5451a Recognition of Student Achievement
5460.01 Graduation Qualifying Exam Requirements Policy
5515 Student Use of Motor Vehicles
5530.01 Drug Testing for Students
5540b Student Disorder
5600a Normal Sequence of Disciplinary Procedure
5600b Detentions
5610.02 In-School Suspension
5610a Exclusion
5610b Probation, Suspension, and Expulsion
5611 Due Process Rights Policy
5630 Corporal Punishment
5751 Married or Pregnant Students
5850 Social Events Policy
5850 Social Events
5860 Safety Patrol Policy
5860 Safety Patrol
6110 Federal Funds
6111a Grant Writing – Responding to RFP’s
6111b Grant Writing – Requesting a Grant
6145 Short-Term Indebtedness
6220 Budget Preparation
6230 Budget Hearing
6231 Budget Implementation
6320 Purchasing
6320a Purchasing