Discontinued Policies and Guidelines

4235 Jury Duty/Court Appearance
4340 Personnel Communication Procedure
4362 Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Statement and Policy
4362 Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Statement and Guidelines
4362.01 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members
4401 Retirement Compensation
4410.01 Compensation for Part-Time Staff
4410.02a Overtime Pay
4410.02b Overtime Pay for all Custodians and Maintenance Personnel
4419.01 Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans
4420 Group Insurance Program
4420a Fringe Benefits
4420b Fringe Benefits (Bus Drivers)
4421a Vacations and Holidays
4422 Group Insurance Programs
4430 Absences and Leaves
4430 Leaves of Absence
4430.01 Family & Medical Leaves of Absence ("FMLA")
4437 Military Service
4440 Special Allowances (Travel)
4440 Travel-Extra-Curricular Accounts
44444 adfadsfdf
4531 Work Stoppage
4600 Non-Resident Employee Enrollment Benefit
5215 Missing Children
5260 Non-Discrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity
5310a Physical Examination
5310b Health Services
5320 Immunization of Students in School
5420a Reporting