Discontinued Policies and Guidelines

4112 Kindergarten/First Grade Entrance and Appeal Procedure
4120.01a Custodians
4120.01b Food Service Personnel
4120.01c Secretarial and Clerical
4120.02 Nepotism and Relatives Reporting to Relatives
4120.04 Temporary, Part-Time and Substitute Employees
4120.08 Volunteers
4120c Pre-Employment Interview Questions
4121 Personal Background Check
4121 Personal Background Check
4122 Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
4122 Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
4122.01 Drug-Free Workplace
4122.02 Non-Discrimination Based on Genetic Information of the Employee
4122b Complaint Procedures for Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunities/Access
4130 Conflict of Interest - Private Practice
4131 Conflict of Interest - Personal Gain
4139 Staff Discipline
4140 Demotion, Dismissal, and Suspension
4160 Physical Examination
4160b Tuberculosis Examination
4161 Unrequested Leaves of Absence
4170 Substance Abuse
4170.01 Controlled Substance and Alcohol Policy
4170b Employee Assistance Program
4212 Required Reports and Protection of Whistleblowers
4213 Student Welfare
4215 Smoke/Tobacco Free Environment
4217 Weapons
4230 Political Activity