Discontinued Policies and Guidelines

2122 Non-Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
2250 Innovative Programs
2250 Innovative Projects
2414 Reproductive Health and Family Planning
2450 Community and Adult Education
2460 Child Find and Special Education
2460.01 Surrogate Parents for Disable Students
2460.03 Extended School Year Services for Disabled Students
2510b Collection of Textbook Rental Fees
2510c Delinquent Student Textbook Rental Fees
2520b Use of Animals in the Classroom and on School Premises
2605 Program Accountability
3120.04 Employment of Substitute Teachers
3120.05 Employment of Personnel in Summer School and Adult Education Programs
3120.06 Selecting Student Teachers/Administrative Interns
3120.07 Employment of Casual Resource Personnel
3120.08 Employment of Personnel for Extra-Curricular Activities
3122 Equal Employment Opportunity
3122a Federal Regulations for Section 504
3124 Employment Contract
3130 Assignment and Transfer
3131 Reduction in Staff
3132 Promotions
3143 Non-Renewal of Administrative Contracts
3362 Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Statement and Guidelines
3410.01 Compensation for Part-Time Staff
3410.04 Substitute Compensation
3420 Benefits for Nonrepresented Staff
4100 Communications, Cooperation, and Support
4111 Creating a Position